EUCRIO is an organization with the goal of providing the best possible standby, stabilization, and transport services for members of cryonics organizations living in the European community.

Quality stabilization and transport services make a huge different in the quality of a cryopreservation, such as upgrading from a direct freezing to a high quality vitrification. Thanks to recent advances in vitrification, cryonics members might have a very good human body structural preservation. Vitrification offers cryonics members good chances of being revived by future advanced technologies, such as advanced molecular nanotechnology. With good vitrification technologies in place the quality of human cryopreservation depends now on the speed and quality of the stabilization procedures and body transport.

But how good is the stabilization and transport of cryonics members living in Europe? EUCRIO offers the best possible stand-by, stabilization and transport for cryonics members living within the European community.

EUCRIO's goal is to lower the patient´s body temperature while administering medications and providing cardiopulmonary support long enough to introduce a vitrification solution via extracorporeal bypass (all this is done after the pronouncement of legal death). Further cooling is then done to dry ice temperatures, for transport to the main cryonics storage providers for further cool down to liquid nitrogen temperatures.

EUCRIO's cryonics stabilization procedures are applied to cryonics members who have made arrangements with cryonics storage providers. EUCRIO itself does not provide cryogenic storage of any kind.

EUCRIO activities include:

  • Monitoring the health status of our clients
  • Intervening after legal death
  • Refining and maintaining equipment
  • Simulating emergency scenarios
  • Recruitment and training of medical professionals


EUCRIO's teams are equipped with state of the art kits.